Friday, July 8, 2011


Here we are again on French Fridays with Dorie, and this time we are making fillet of fish en papillote.  This can be prepared both with salmon or cod.  I happened to have some cod on hand, so cod it was.  There just aren't enough good things I can say about this recipe.  The fish came out tasting incredibly delicious!  Here is another of Dorie's recipes to treasure and make again and again.

En papillote is a method of cooking by wrapping food in parchment paper or aluminum foil.  It seals in the flavors during the cooking process and renders a more aromatic and tender product.  It's exactly what happened here.  The aroma of the cod was incredible and its texture was very succulent.

I made two fish packets.  To start off, I washed the fish well and patted it dry.  Then I placed it in a bowl and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I sprinkled the juice of one lemon over the fish and I let it absorb the lemon flavor while I continued preparing.  I made some tomato concassé, which is nothing else than diced tomatoes, peeled and with the seeds removed.  I always do this when I cook with fresh tomatoes because I really dislike finding loose tomato skin or seeds in my food.  They are tough and bitter, so out they go!  I salted the tomatoes and sautéed them in some olive oil.  Then I cut two large pieces of aluminum foil and placed them on the counter.  After that, all that was left to do was a layering of ingredients.  Some basil leaves went on the foil, then the fish, then the tomatoes then some lemon rind.

The layering continued with some chopped scallions, a couple of thinly cut lemon slices, a few dashes of olive oil, a bit more basil and a sprig of fresh thyme. I folded the aluminum foil over the fish and herbs, forming well sealed packets.  The fish cooked in a 400° F  oven for about 12 minutes. 

I opened up the foil packets and a fragrant puff of steam rose up from them, catching me  by surprise. I breathed in the aroma of  basil, thyme and lemon.  

The fish was plated and served right away.  It was seasoned perfectly, and the en papillote method had ensured the cod came out very tender.  How can I not cook this again?


  1. Beautifully done, Ana! We'll definitely make this again, too.

    (And, yes, it really is that beautiful here! I for get that we live in a resort area until summer when we get descended upon! LOL!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Beautiful! Yours turned out much better than mine but I'll try again.

  3. greek girl from QueensJuly 11, 2011 at 6:47 AM

    This looks delicious, Ana. I've attempted this once or twice in the past, but I have to confess that it just didn't work out well for me. The next time I get brave enough to try it again, I'm going to pull up this blog post and follow your excellent tutorial (with the added help of the great photos) to guide me and encourage me along. Thanks for sharing, Ana. I can pretty much taste how delicious this definitely must have been. Yum!

  4. I love cod! What a great substitution. The tomato concasse is a great idea too.

  5. This is such a good recipe! Your cod looks lovely. I love cooking fish this way.