Monday, 17 June 2013


I do love lemons and anything lemony wins me over. So I'll introduce you to my new lemon obsession: grilled lemons! As the lemons are grilled they caramelise, and that gives them an added sweetness. Sweet and tart combined.  Irresistible flavours! Put them on the grill, let them caramelise, and use them in salads or with grilled foods. They are so, so, good. Just recently I served them with souvlaki.  

Here's how I make grilled lemons:


lemons, as many as you like
fresh thyme leaves
salt and pepper
olive oil


  • Cut the lemons in half. Slice off their pointy ends so that they can be placed on a plate and not tip over. Gently pick off as many of the pits as you can.
  • Place the lemon halves in a bowl and coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper, thyme leaves and a little sugar. Give them a good stir so that they are well covered with the ingredients.
  • Place them on a hot grill and let them cook until they caramelise. It's not rocket science, it's grilled lemons. A lot easier, and you can't eat rocket science.