About Me

It's May 2009, the beginning of "Sweet Almond Tree!"
Hello, one and all! My name is Ana and I live in Pennsylvania, in a suburban community near the GREAT city of PHILADELPHIA. I was born in Greece and lived there until my early teens. I've been immersed in both Greek and American cultures and both cultures are dear to me.

Here are some things I ponder:  
We're now at the dawn of the 21st century. In your mind, go back one hundred years. Think of what you know about 1909: tremendous changes have taken place since then. No one could have envisioned how things would be today, and today we have no idea how this new century will evolve for humans and for the flora and fauna of the earth. Will our oceans be clean and safe havens 100 years from now? Will the mountains of our planet still be capped with ice and snow? I hope we manage to live in harmony with the heritage of the earth and I hope we learn to accept and respect the earth's cultural diversity.

Well, since it IS the beginning of the 21st century, I figured I should not be without my own blog. Yes, I am now a blogger! Is it a dream come true? Well, I don't know. We'll have to stay tuned!